New for May 2020

May 3, 2020

New  for May 2020

One question is on all our minds as we enter the month of May--when will the current pandemic come to an end? During this anxious time, my thoughts have often turned to the biblical stories of Jesus the restorer of health and life. I have selected a trio of images this month from the Sacred Art Pilgrim Collection depicting three out of 26 such miracles recorded in the Gospels. Belgian Artist Jos Speybrouck shows the healing of Blind Bartimaeus in a poster in high Art Deco style from a series illustrating the liturgical calendar that he created in the 1930s for a Benedictine abbey near Bruges. Jesus was about to pass Bartimaeus by, when the blind man called out the phrase inscribed in Latin at the bottom of the image:“Jesus, son of David, have pity on me." Cypriot Icon-maker Charalambos Epaminonda adds a layer of symbolism to his image of the healing of the paralytic. The sunlight coming from the hole cut in the roof when the sick man's friends lowered him before Jesus thrusts like an arrow point into the black interior, reminding us Christ has came to bring the light of redemptive love into a darkened world. In the last featured piece (above), London-born Irish Artist Brian Whelan shows us the greatest of Christ's restorative miracles in his painting of the Raising of Lazarus, mixing caricature and Celtic sacred art motifs. The man in red holding a cloth to his nose lets us know in no uncertain terms that Larazus lay four days in the tomb before Christ called him forth! These three new images can be found in the Healing the Sick and Raising Lazarus pages in The Miracles of Christ gallery of The Life of Christ section. Stay well and hopeful! (John Kohan)